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Second Wedding Gig?

A HS friend asked me to do her and her friend’s makeup for a wedding they were attending. They were bridesmaids!! :D So is this  my ‘second wedding gig’? I hope I stop counting my wedding jobs soon. haha

Rosemay was my high school classmate while Rona was her classmate from college! :)

That day, the weather was so terrible. Floods were everywhere and it made it difficult for me to arrive at Rosemay’s house. XD So anyway, here they are!

I wasn’t able to take a “before”picture of Rosemay because we were already rushing!! :(

Before they left, I asked to take another photo of them together!! :D

It was another experience worth remembering. Thanks to Rosemay and Rona for “believing” in me. hehe :D

Congratulations to Jessa and Boya!!

Kist XO

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