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The FaceShop All About Lipstick in Nude

I had a fascination for nude lips way back in college. I wanted one.

So yeah…

I hunted for the perfect nude lipstick. <3 Before I found this one, I was using an Avon lipstick which was also nude but had some shimmer in it. It was nice! :D When that one ran out, I looked for THE HG (holy grail) nude lipstick! :D

If you’re looking for a great nude lipstick, then I suggest you head on to any FaceShop branch and try this.

The FaceShop: All About Lipstick Semi Matte in Nude

The FaceShop All About Lipstick BR 801 Semi Matte

This lipstick has never failed me. I love the look it gives me every time! Nude lips (or lips that don’t grab attention at all) are great for makeup looks with heavy eye makeup, including smokey eyes. :)

I forgot how much this lipstick was. :( But I think it’s not more than 600 Php so keri pa naman di’ba? :)

For better performance, make sure you apply lipliner first or a lip primer to make it last longer. This lipstick is easy to apply and has a creamy texture! :)

I usually apply lipgloss with this lipstick. It looks so much prettier that way. :D

I did a makeover using this lipstick! Check out how it actually looks like on lips. <3

I think The FaceShop branches are well “scattered” in major cities here in the Philippines so you shouldn’t have much difficulty finding one.

Try it and tell me what you think!! :D

Kist XO

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